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Teaching The Right Brain Child $39.99

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Who needs Right Brain Strategies?
  • Kids with Auditory Processing Problems
  • Kids with Attention and Focusing Problems
  • Kids with Underdeveloped Memory Strategies
  • Kids for whom nothing else is working

Make learning easier for your child this year!! Help your child feel as smart as he/she really is by teaching past their learning block and to their strength!

In this 2-hour training DVD, you will learn effective teaching strategies that cost no money to use, such as:

1. Spelling
  • No phonics needed! Train your child's "photographic memory" to take pictures of words.
  • Teach the "word storage" technique that Spelling Bee Winners use.


2. Math
  • Use pictures, color, weird and story to make math facts stick!
  • Make test taking easier by making math processes (division, feactions, algebra) easy to remember by adding Right Brain methods

3. Reading Comprehension

  • Teach your child how to make a "movie" in his/her head as he reads to dramatically increase reading comprehension.


4. Phonics
  • Train the brain to store the sound and picture as a unit for easier retrieval.
  • Turn an 11-14 year-old "word guesser" into a confident reader. (works with younger children, too)


5. Vocabulary
  • Place the word and picture in a "unit" for the brain to store it easily in long term memory.
  • No writing. Makes vocabulary much more fun!

6. Following Directions

  • Use for oral and written directions.

7. Study Skills

  • Make test-taking easy! (Used by students at Cambridge University)
  • Teach how to take "picture notes" for history, science, grammar... or anything!


"Teaching the Right Brain Child" by Dianne Craft | Visual Memory Strategies (05:14)
Is learning harder for your child than it should be? Solve learning glitches faster and easier at home using right brain visual memory strategies. http://diannecraft.org50% of all children are Right Brain dominant. Teach to their strength!! Learning requires energy according to Dr. Mel Levine, but Right Brain learning takes much less energy to learn.If you have a child who "learns differently" than the curriculum teaches, you will love this DVD! Help your child feel as smart as he really is, using Right Brain Teaching strategies that put "velcro" on the things he is learning.This 2-hour DVD contains dynamic right brain learning methods taught by Dianne that teach children how to store information in long-term "visual" memory for maximum retention. See results immediately in your child. Your child will learn how to work "SMARTER," not "HARDER." Dr. Peter Russell of The Brain Book says that, "Visual memory is far superior to auditory memory. It is essentially perfect." Why is it perfect? Because it trains a child's Photographic Memory. This title is available for purchase at http://stores.diannecraft.org/teaching-the-right-brain-child/
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  1. This is such a great dvd. So much information and ideas! SOOOOO helpful!

    - Kristen T.