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Dysgraphia package $97.99

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Dysgraphia Package: 

Everything needed for a “Remedial” Written Language Arts Program for a year.

The Dianne Craft “Right Brain”Learning System


Total Package that will correct:

  • Writing problems (reversals; spacing; labor)
  • Spelling Issues 
  • Paragraph and Composition Writing issues
  • Visual/Spatial Processing (lining up math problems)
  • Vocabulary growth


Benefits All Ages:


1. Pre-Schoolers

Ø  Pre-Reading Skills

  •      Letter names
  •      Letter sounds
  •      Right Brain Sight word memorization

Ø  Pre-Writing Skills

  •      Letter formation
  •      Left/right orientation
  •      Number formation 

Ø  Motor Skills

  •           Tying shoes
  •           Riding a bike
  •           Fine motor skills (fork; toothbrush)

Ø  Speech fluency

  •      Sentence fluent
    • Word Retrieval


2.Elementary students

Ø  Eliminates writing reversals

Ø  Writing fluency

Ø  Spelling

Ø  Sight word memorization

Ø  Right Brain Vocabulary development

Ø  Spatial Skills

Ø  Math Alignment

Ø  Organization of thoughts

Ø  Organization of speech 


Ø  Note-taking

Ø  Writing (or keyboarding) fluency

Ø  Composition writing 

Ø  Organization of papers

Ø  Organization of thoughts

Ø  Oral fluency

Ø  Spelling

Ø  Right Brain Vocabulary development

Ø  Sports…basketball, baseball, football, archery

Ø  Driving skills

Ø  Math spatial skills (geometry; etc.)


Materials included in package:


Teaching Guide


Detailed guide for the midline writing brain exercise to eliminate dysgraphia and any writing stress; teaching instructions for right brain spelling; right brain paragraph and composition writing instructions, material and right brain vocabulary. 


Dysgraphia Removal Exercise

  • Writing Eight Paper Template
  • Once-a-week Brain Training Instructions that correct spatial and organizational issues
  • Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD (demonstration of students age 6-17 doing writing eight exercise; demonstration of students doing the exercise with a group with “choral reading”; how to do it with preschoolers; how to use the exercise to help non-readers.



Right Brain Spelling lessons and materials

  • Spelling Word lists
  • Training Your Child’s Photographic Memory DVD

Vocabulary Growth

Vocabulary Cartoons Elementary Edition by Sam Burchers

Paragraph and Composition writing lessons

  • Right Brain Paragraph and Composition DVD
  • Instructional Booklet giving writing lesson instructions using right brain webbing process—a one-year program 
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