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Customer Service

Returned Products

All DVD's, CD's and Flashcards that are still in their original plastic wrapping will be refunded, as they can be returned to our retail inventory. If they have been opened, we regret a return cannot be accepted. Items that are not candidates for refunds are the Brain Integration Therapy Manual, Right Brain Phonics Reading Book, and all vitamins, as they cannot be returned to our retail inventory. All returned material must have a coding number assigned to it by our shipping department before being sent back. This number can be obtained by calling 303-697-7511, or emailing our Shipping Manager, Denise, at curtdenise@comcast.net.

Please be aware that it can take up to 7-10 days to receive your order from the post office.

Are You a School?

If you wish to purchase our products using your School Purchase Order, you may fax your Purchase Order to 303-694-3240.  We will promptly ship your purchased items, and will enclose our invoice with shipment.

Are You a Homeschooler Working with a Charter School?

Certain Charter Schools purchase our teaching materials for the Homeschool families they work with.  If that is your situation, you may contact your Charter School and they will aid you in purchase of our teaching materials.

Prefer to Order by Phone?

Our phone order number is 303-697-7511. 

Your Thoughts?

Please feel free to drop us a line at roncraft2@gmail.com to share your thoughts on the site, all comments welcomed.