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(9) "Right Brain Phonics Reading Book" $57.50

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A 20-minute-a-day program that turns word guessers into word readers - great for children with Dyslexia.

If you have tried all the phonics games and done hundreds of phonics worksheets and your child still doesn't remember phonics sounds, your child NEEDS this Right Brain Phonics Program! A whole new apppoach to reading that turns word guessers into word readers. Originally developed for children with Dyslexia. A 20-minute-per-day program! Over 140 pages in color! Also comes with 5 pages of instruction. Primary through Intermediate words (1-8th grade). 

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  1. This book is a great way to teach phonics to children who didn't understand it in school.

    - Freda

  2. I purchased the Right Brain Phonics manual after reading Brain Integration Therapy. I wanted to use the Phonics methods outlined in this book with the brain integration exercises with my 8year old daughter. I also purchased the sight word cards and the phonics cards to use. I have been following the methods for only 10 days now. I can't say that I have seen progress at this point, however, I am very optimistic . Many well meaning friends and family believe that my daughter is just going through a rough patch and that I just have to let her work it out. I believe she needs a new way to learn and I am willing to work with her daily to renew her trust in the learning process.

    - Amy

  3. Our son forgot so much of what he learned in first grade that when he started second grade it was alarming to his teacher and us. Eventually after watching our little boy struggle so hard with reading, becoming very frustrated while we became overwhelmed with what to do about it, I started researching for something to help. Our son was bogged down with homework which he hated. Learning about the Dianne Craft right brain strategies was an answer to prayer. I love to doodle and draw, so had a lot of fun taking spelling, vocab, and reading words and jazzing them up. My son loved it! He'd go to school and spell long, hard words backwards and forwards to his teacher. He felt so smart, and as his parents...well, our buttons are popping off over how intelligent this little kid really is! Words are now sticking in his brain instead of sliding off into the atmosphere never to be recognized again. It has also helped him to pronounce the words correctly. His teacher is doing the reading program at school, and we do the Brain Integration therapy at home. It's working well, and all of us are much happier, less stressed and frustrated. It's been just wonderful seeing the good results slowly but surely happening before our eyes. Thank you so much. This program is fascinating, and I am a passionate advocate. His teacher reports that she is happy with his progress. It's rewarding because now what she is teaching him is sticking like velcro. Another really great thing about Dianne Craft's program is that it is so user friendly...you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to help a lot of struggling children nor have a PhD. I hope Mrs. Craft can feel the warm, grateful vibes radiating to her from this corner of Manitoba, Canada!
    Oh, and I have to add a little story. The other day we had visitors who met our son. After a bit the gentleman indicated the words we have stuck up high in the kitchen and said, 'You must have an older child...' We were like, no, you just met him! They were amazed an 8 year old could spell words like that. Our grins were a mile wide!!!

    - Maria Warkentin

  4. After my son learned to read five words using Diane Craft's sight word cards in 20 minutes I knew I found the key to how my son learns. I'm so thankful that I have the phonic cards now too along with the phonic reading book. I know my son will be feeling like a successful reader and am so relieved to know he will make a big gain in reading.

    - A homeschooling Mom of 8 year old son with global apraxia and sensory processing disorder.