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(7) Right Brain Math (Also titled Dyscalculia: Taming the Math Monster) $19.95

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New from Dianne Craft!

Right Brain Math (Also titled Dyscalculia: Taming the Math Monster!):

For some children, math is a monster!  They hate it, and always feel frustrated when doing it.  Math is almost always taught in a left brain manner.  You can teach it in a right brain manner.  These children have difficulty learning math facts,  They often can't move past manipulatives to add or subtract.  They tend to do poorly on tests, because they 'forget' how to do the math processes (division, fractions, algebra, etc.)

In this workshop you will learn how to help this struggling student.

Finally store the math facts AND processes in their right brain long term memory; No curriculum to purchase...just fast, effective right brain strategies to use in the classroom or at home to reduce math frustration and tears!

This is a totally different teaching strategy than you have ever used before!  It retrains the brain for math!

This is the method I used in my Resource Rooms to get my 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders to pass tests so they could go on to higher math.

Which curriculum is best?  Find out what works for these students in this teaching:

  • Addition/Subtraction
  • Multiplication/Division
  • Algebra...order of operation
  • Fractions...division
  • Multiplication by 3 digits 

Measurements...see the whole picture.

Many kids say, "I like math now. I'm good at it."  All as a result of a totally different teaching method.  How easy is that!

For use with teenagers, adolesents, and young children.


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