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(6) Right Brain Paragraph & Composition Writing $19.95

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New from Dianne Craft!
Right Brain Paragraph & Composition Writing (When other methods haven't worked)
"Help!  My teenager can't even write a paragraph by himself."
"My child loves to 'journal', but won't write an organized paragraph for anything."
The Universal Writing Method
"Loose thought patterns" plague many children and teens, particularly those suffering with Dysgraphia, ADD  or Auditory Processing Problems.  They have difficulty thinking in an organized manner, and therefore cannot write in an organized manner.  I found I was able to engage even my most reluctant students in this process by giving them Right Brain, visual hangers to put their thoughts on.  They could see their whole paper before it is written.  This works when all other methods haven't worked...Guaranteed. (2nd grade-10th).
I used this painless method in my Resource Rooms Language Arts room.  By the end of the year I got 3-4 page papers. No curriculum purchase. Just a very successful teaching method.
All you need is a whiteboard and the teacher and student working together using this Right Brain "whole" method.  You will be surprised how this will work with your struggling writer.  They'll ask to write their next paper!
When your student is writing papers well, then you can move on to any of the traditional writing programs.
So many teachers and students have been waiting for this video presentation of this simple but powerful method of teaching writing.
For use with teenagers, adolescents. and young children. 

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  1. Hi Dianne!
    I don't know what hocus pocus is in the technique you taught in the Right Brain Paragraph & composition Writing DVD (and I'm not sure if I did it 100% correctly), but I tried it and my son has just written 2 paragraphs in 1.5 hours for a speech. Even more amazing is he is writing more without any drama or being pushed. I just saw him listening to his music happy wanting to get back to typing after answering me!
    I will also say just having him tell me about it was amazing too! He had so much to say I got tired of standing! I was expecting the normal gnashing of teeth and my giving up trying to get him to give me a topic sentence or whatever the writing worksheet asked for. It was always so frustrating because he is so smart and memorizes just about everything he sees or read. My recurring phrase was "just put something down....".
    Thank you so so so so much!

    - Lisa