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(21) Right Brain Phonics Cards $14.99

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Teach the Phonics Sounds so they STICK! Phonics can be fun and fast!!

Teach the phonics sound so they STICK! 40- 6X4 flashcards with the letter combinations, the vowels, and the consonants superimposed upon a picture that gives that sound. An instruction card is also included. This is not only helpful for right brain learners but also for children with an Auditory Processing Problem. PHONICS CAN BE FUN AND FAST! 

Dianne Craft's Right Brain Phonics Program | Reading Made Fast and Easy (06:12)
How to teach your children to read fast and easy http://diannecraft.orgIf your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, a blocked reading gate or an auditory processing problem traditional phonic curriculums will not work.There are four reading components1. Eye tracking 2. Sight words3. Phonics4. ComprehensionUsing pictures and stories embedded with letters and words Dianne has been able to help child improve 3 grade levels in reading by engaging the right brain photographic memory.Dianne Craft, special education teacher, former homeschool mom, nutritionist and director of Child Diagnostics in Denver, Colorado. http://stores.diannecraft.org/right-brain-phonics-reading-book/
  • Dianne Craft's...
    How to teach your children to read fast and easy http://dianne...
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  1. I'm so glad these cards are ready to go and already made!! Totally worth it so I can spend my time teaching.

    - Sarah

  2. My son struggled terribly with LETTER names and sounds until I got these cards! He NAILED sight words in one day with these cards!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    - Erin Pietsch