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(20) Visual Number Cards by Dianne Craft MA CNHP $6.99

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Fingers no more -- teach touch math visually!

Right Brain Adding strategies. Teach the whole with the parts. 7 6X4 cards with the number on the front with a picture embedded on it and the story on the back. An instruction card is included. 

Using the Visual Number Cards, you will teach to your child’s strong visual memory through the dots on the numbers and story on the back of each card.  We use this method instead of memorizing addition or subtraction facts.  Kids love how fast they get good at doing hard, long computation problems using these zany memory tricks. Instead of memorizing a fact, every time he/she sees a “5”, for example, he/she will see the dots in his/her head, count the dots, and add quickly.  


Then write out large problems on the whiteboard with three columns across and three down, beginning with a problem that does not require any carrying or “re-grouping” yet. Each column is in a different color.  Your child will love using the dots to quickly add up columns.  After he/she has done this easily for a few weeks on both the white board and on worksheets, then do the same thing, but with “carrying”. 

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  1. We recently bought these number cards and I am excited to use them. I really believe they will help my 13 and 9 year old sisters with their math.

    - Freda