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(19) Right Brain Multiplication Cards $29.99

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Stop Struggling with those pesky multiplication facts!!! Learn multiplication quickly and easily using right brain strategies!

Right Brain kids learn best with picture, color, emotion and humor. These multiplication cards use these elements to take the pain out of learning their times tables. Many parents report that their child learned the facts in a week using these cards. Kids love this method! All of the multiplication facts 0's through 9's. The picture and problem is on the front with the story for you to read on the back. A good investment for the whole family! 

Dianne Craft's Right Brain Multiplication Cards - Pam's Testimonial (02:50)
Helping kids who struggle to learn math facts. http://stores.diannecraft.org/flashcardsA child who has difficulty holding onto math facts improves tremendously using Dianne's visual right brain math fact multiplication cards.The multiplication cards help children learn math facts as a story that sticks in their visual memory for easy retrieval.
  • Dianne Craft's...
    Helping kids who struggle to learn math facts. http://stores.d...
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  1. My son loves these big cards with all the bright colors and zany stories. They are a great example of what’s introduced in the math curriculum and I’m thankful to be able to buy them. Making our own would have been fun but this allows us to get started right away.

    - Christi

  2. I reviewed the 8's multiplication facts with my daughter once and the next day she took quiz and got them correct. She had been struggling previously. She told me, "It was easy Mom. I remember the story and the picture!" Definitely happy with this purchase!

    - Unknown

  3. We are so excited!!! My son lives them and the stories, just wish they where smaller.

    - Karissa Sweeney

  4. My daughter has great difficulty memorizing. It was only when I started making up stories or words to associate with numbers that she was able to remember. I started looking up right brain math learning strategies and found this website. We do a card a day and she is able to remember. She does not like some of the pictures (says they are creepy) so I will draw them myself or have her draw. We have also been using some of the other strategies she lists. This website has been such a great resource!

    - Susan

  5. My son loves these! So much more fun for him to the learn the story. Many times I'll see him thinking, then he'll get the answer. I'll ask him "what did you see in your head" and it's always a picture from the flash card.

    - Unknown

  6. I received the cards before my son came home. I was reading the stories and thought this would never work!
    When he came home I pulled out the 8 times table cards and read him all the stories. Then asked him the facts. Within 15 minutes he memorized them all! I was stunned! He was just diagnosed with anonverbal learning disability and I am learning how he needs to learn. This is an amazing first step! Thanks!

    - jaime

  7. I have been working with my 9 year old daughter for the past 2 weeks or so. She now knows her multiplication facts! We had so much fun learning together using the pictures and stories. I am 100% satisfied with this product and thrilled about the results. Thank you!

    - susan