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(10) "At Bat!" Level 1-A Craft Right Brain Student Reader $19.50

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Are you looking for a Student Reader that your child will love…because of the success he will experience right away?


“The Craft Right Brain Student Readers are the most ‘User –Friendly Readers’ I have ever used with my kids who are struggling to read and remember words. They love them!”    Ann M., Reading Specialist


  • These specialized, tailor-made Right Brain Student Readers were created by Dianne Craft, Special Education teacher, for her students struggling with reading and particularly auditory processing problems.


  • The teaching method used in these Right Brain Student Readers is truly one of a kind. Anyone can use the Readers and find success!


  • This carefully engineered, Orton Gillingham-based phonics method, introduces sounds and Sight Words in a manner that ensures success for even the most struggling student. Experience has shown that this Right Brain Visual Reading Method will work when others haven’t. The Right Brain Reader uses the imbedding technique to teach phonemes with picture and color, directly on the reading pages. This imbedding method takes all the stress out of memorizing sounds.


  • The “Instant Success” Right Brain Sight Word cards created specifically for each story, are included with each Student Reader. The result is that word memorization becomes dramatically easier for the student. And the bonus is that they will be able to SPELL all the Sight Words easily, because the words will be stored in the student’s photographic memory!


  • Research has shown that by using the colored reading transparencies the stress on the child’s visual system is greatly reduced. Reversals are much less frequent, as are “wiggling words” and skipping words. The colored reading transparencies are included in the front of each Reader.  


  • According to “pre and post testing” plus teacher and parent reports, these are the BEST reading books for kids with dyslexia and struggling readers, hands down!


The first Student Reader in the first grade series, At Bat!” (Level 1-A) was created to teach struggling older readers of any age, or beginning readers up to mid-year first grade level. (1.1 reading level).  The At Bat!” Reader contains the phonetic vowel patterns: –at, -ad, -an, -ap, -am, -ag, -ab and the sight words: is, a, my, he, on, not, in, the, look, Max, and, by, it, I, we, no, see, to, her, his, she. 


You can download the Reading Assessment to determine which book to start your student from the website home page “Where Do I start?”


What makes these Student Readers different from other decodable readers?(decodable means phonics-based)


  • Very carefully engineered (each new word introduced in a particular order).

  • This gives predictable success for all readers (particularly when no other reading books have worked) These Readers are remarkably effective for students with Dyslexia.


  • Picture-imbedded Right Brain Phonics sounds are prominently featured on each page for easy recall while reading.


  • Zany “Instant Success” Right Brain Sight Word Cards specially made for each reading book, to make reading easy right away (included with each reader)


  • We take care of the eyes! Word reversals and eye fatigue are greatly reduced by adding Colored Reading Transparencies. You will be surprised how this helps reading.


  • No pictures for no guessing


  • Detailed teaching instructions are included in each Reader and in each set of Sight Word Cards.


                        “The Boring Little Books That Always Work!”



Questions? Email me: craft@ecentral.com We are happy to give on-going support to our parents and teachers!


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  1. I can’t say enough about the Right Brain Readers. After using the Right Brain Letter-Sound Cards, these books will get kids reading that have not been able to read with other programs. Be patient and read the directions.

    Once frustrated kids have felt the success of this first book, they are on their way to progress through the books and develop their love of reading!

    I’m a Special Education teacher and have built up a library of these books which I loan to students whose parents listen to them read one on one.

    - Garth

  2. These resources, book and flash cards helped us SO much! Thank you!

    - jangood70@cox.net

  3. This is the best product on the market today!!! I have searched for years to find a way my children could learn to read without making it feel like torture to them. Thank you Dianne Craft for making your products so easily accessible!

    - Pamela S Glosson

  4. My 8 year old has been working on the simplest sight words for years and has not been able to remember them. She also would completely refuse to even try and read to my husband. After the very first day of using this program, my husband asked her before bed if she might read him her first story the next morning and her reply almost made me cry:"No, Daddy, I want to read it to you right now." And she did just that, remembering all the first week sight words.

    - Melinda

  5. I have 3 boys, who hate reading ...until now! My 5 yr old is doing this book and lives it. Why? The flash cards, the president reading, the sounding like he is big like his brothers.

    - Karissa Sweeney