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(1) Brain Integration Therapy Manual $58.00

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Brain Integration Therapy is an easy-to-use at-home therapy program that brings dramatic results. No matter what “teaching” or remedial reading program you use, if you do the Brain Integration Therapy Brain Trainings and exercises at the same time you will notice that the child learns much easier because you are actually using the child’s body to make the brain connections so that he or she doesn’t have to work so hard at the task of reading or writing or hearing sounds.

The updated 2013 edition of my popular manual contains material new to this edition that will make Brain Training much easier and more effective for your child, including daily lesson plans, checklists to track your child's progress, additional instructions, advanced variations, visual demonstrations, easy-to-follow Brain Training guides, and much, much more!

Updated 2013 edition!
Dianne Craft's "Brain Integration Therapy Manual" has been updated and includes photo demonstrations, step-by-step graphic guides, detailed Brain Training instructions, handy condensed instructions, charts to track your progress, and much more, you will find that the 2013 edition of the Brain Integration Therapy Manual is more than just a manual.  You will find daily lesson plans, case studies, and additional information that goes beyond Brain Integration Therapy that will assist you in educating your intelligent yet struggling learner.

Why Brain Integration Therapy?

God designed learning to occur in a specific way: when a new task is learned, such as riding a bike, driving a car, learning to track the eyes from left to right in reading, or learning the orientation of letters or numbers, the left, concentrating brain hemisphere is engaged.  After a short time of practice, these processes are supposed to transfer into the child’s right brain to be stored in the automatic hemisphere so he or she can now think and track his or her eyes at the same time, think and write at the same time, or think and hear sounds at the same time.

When this transfer isn’t easily made between brain hemispheres, the child becomes overwhelmed with the learning task and begins to get behind in reading and writing because of the effort involved in a process that should take very little effort if both brain hemispheres were involved.  This can appear as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or more mild processing problems in reading, writing, and hearing.

These hemispheric connections, which appear to be absent or “disconnected” can be encouraged to reconnect by using specific body exercises that cross the midline of the body.  When these short, daily exercises are combined with the more powerful once-a-week Brain Training, these vital connections are slowly, progressively made each week.  By using this process, parents and teachers see the learning process (elimination of visual and writing reversals, remembering phonics sounds, etc.) become easier after just a few weeks.  However, it is important to continue this process for at least 3 -6 months, so that the gains are not lost.

This inexpensive but very effective home therapy has been used by parents across the country for the past 20 years.  We at Child Diagnostics will be here to answer any of your questions and guide you through this process so that you will see the same improvements in learning that we have seen for many years.

Let’s consider this:

The price of one session of Vision Therapy to improve eye convergence and eye teaming is often upwards from $85.  It has been found that parents who do the weekly Brain Trainings to encourage the right, automatic brain hemisphere to take over the eye tracking from left to right, that their child either needs greatly reduced vision therapy visits (as reported by several vision therapy offices) or possibly none at all.  When I was teaching in schools none of my students were able to avail themselves of vision therapy and yet, at the end of the year, they were no longer reversing letters or words when they read or wrote, not skipping words and lines, and were no longer fatigued after reading.

The price of one individual tutoring session for reading problems at one of the tutoring centers is often $75.  With the Brain Integration Brain Trainings, along with Right Brain Reading strategies for reading, you can be your child’s own tutor and pay yourself whatever tutoring fee you want to!

The price of receiving the training to do your own perceptual training and tutoring at home: $58.00.  This includes regular testing material, and ongoing email follow-up by Child Diagnostics (Dianne Craft and staff), if you so desire.

There are many ways to get at the learning problems a child may be experiencing.  This is just one way, but it is the way that I have found to be very helpful, and puts the parent in the driver’s seat.

What's in the 2013 edition?
  1. Detailed diagnostic checklists for each of the processing problem areas a child could be experiencing:
    1. Visual Processing Problems (reading reversals, eye convergence and eye tracking issues, tires easily when reading)
    1. Writing/Fine Motor processing problems (greatly labored writing, dysgraphia, find motor issues, child who is “allergic” to a pencil)
    2. Auditory Processing problems (can’t remember phonics, sight words hard, oral directions difficult, scrambles words when saying them, etc.)
  1. Pictures of children demonstrating every single step of the all important once a week Brain Training, and the daily 20 minute exercise routine. This is easy to follow!
  1. Clear explanation and examples of each of the 10 Auditory Processing “channels” that can be blocked in a child, and how to correct these blocks.  Comes with charts to help you diagnose and help you track your child’s progress.
  2. Case studies of children who have just one learning gate blocked, two learning gates blocked, three learning gates blocked, or all four learning gates blocked.  This will make it easier for you to see where your child’s issues are, and what to do about them.
  3. A diagnostic reading grade-placement test that we give at the beginning of this process, and then every 3 months, to track the child’s progress in reading as we do this therapy. 
  4. Daily Lesson plans for a struggling Reader, Writer and Speller.  These lesson plans are invaluable in your work with a struggling child.  They give the daily routine using Brain Integration Therapy to remove learning glitches, along with the Right Brain teaching strategies that I used to bypass the learning glitches in a child.  These are the very lesson plans that I used in my Resource Room to achieve the 2 year growth in reading and writing in a year.  The Right Brain teaching strategies help a child feel smart right away (using their photographic memory strength), while the Brain Integration Brain Training done once a week, eventually makes enough pathways connecting both brain hemispheres that the child will not need Right Brain teaching strategies all of his life. 
  5. The offer of continued follow-up via email with you from Dianne Craft and staff, if you so desire,  as you go through this process of correction with your child, so that you can be assured of success.


Dianne Craft's "Brain Integration Therapy Manual" - Part 1 - Introduction (06:51)
The Brain Integration Therapy Manual; http://www.diannecraft.orgImprove your children's learning up to 80% in only 15 minutes per day with Dainne Craft's Brain Integration Therapy Manual. Dianne Craft, special education teacher, former homeschool mom, nutritionist and director of Child Diagnostics in Denver, Colorado.Discover how to apply Right Brain Strategies, Nutrition and Mid-line Therapy to remove learning blocks by 80% and achieve amazing results up to 2 years growth.3 parts of Brain Integration TherapyBrain Integration; the number one therapy for the struggling reader, writer and spellerRight Brain Strategies; to help children remember pictures of wordsBiology of Behavior with its nutrition regimen; to address the nervous system of a child that suffers from focus issues, meltdowns, ADHD, anxiety disorder etc.Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Auditory Processing are caused by disconnected wires in the brain that can be reconnected using midline therapy strategies in only 20 minutes per day.
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    The Brain Integration Therapy Manual; http://www.diannecraft.o...
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    The Brain Integration Therapy Manual; How to really make chang...
  • Dianne Craft's...
    The Brain Integration Therapy Manual; http://www.diannecraft.o...
  • Dianne Craft's...
    The Brain Integration Therapy Manual; http://www.diannecraft.o...
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  1. We received the Brain Integration Therapy Manual and the DOLCH Sight Word Card set a couple of weeks ago and our 12yr old is just flying through them! After neuropsychological testing this past summer we were told his IQ was mid 60's and he wasn't going to learn how to read. We started using Brain Integration and the results have been miraculous! His ABA therapist cried when she saw the difference after just two weeks!

    - Nancy

  2. Program is proving to be invaluable is assisting my 10 yr old daughter who no one said there is an issue, yet reading levels consistently a grade and half below. Within one week of use daughter remarked how "she can see the words better and not moving on her"

    - Sarah

  3. My only regret is that I didn't buy this manual sooner. I have found it to be very clear, concise and detailed. Exactly what I needed to get the info and turn around and implement quickly. Thank you, Ms. Craft for your work and for sharing it with parents, it is blessing us already.

    - Christina

  4. Easy to follow and understand. Straight forward instructions and pictures so you dont get confused.

    - Lilia O.

  5. Last fall our son started second grade in a private Christian school. Lo and behold he had basically forgotten everything from first grade; he could hardly read, and math had slipped away into oblivion. As his mother, I was alarmed and frustrated...I ended up talking to my sister in law who told me about her daughter who sounded a lot like my son...and she was starting this program by Dianne Craft. The rest is an ongoing answer to prayer. The therapy is bringing subtle results already. Better clarity of thought, smoother writing skills, better balance and coordination. Also a huge blessing has been his improved moods. He is much less frustrated and grumpy. We in this home are VERY ENTHUSED about the program, and Dianne Craft is a wonderful name to us. Thank you!

    - Maria Warkentin

  6. First I am requesting the writing with out a curriculum and 500 commonly used spelling words.

    Second, I would like to tell you Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my daughter Isabelle. We are in our second year homeschooling but I had noticed some issues with Isabelle last year. You were at a conference in Nevada and spoke with you and we started the alphabet circles and saw some improvement but this year saw some problem again in reading and other areas. So I check out your website and decided to get the Brain Training and Right Brain learning books. They were so helpful and such "duh" moments for me as when reading them, going yeah that is how she learned this or that. So I purchased all the other(flash card, and other manuals) at your sight. In just a month the improvement in my daughter has been remarkable that after doing her worksheet today I had to write to you. We have only been concentrating on Reading, Writing and Math this month. So I have been make or using math worksheets from different sources. My daughter before Christmas was having problem with 2+3 today I handed her a worksheet that was formatted 1) 2+2=_______ I took a few from the sheet on a dry erase board went over them and left her to do them on her own (another accomplishment) while I folded laundry. When I came back 15 minutes later she had all 24 done but many were wrong. I asked her how she came up with the answer and she showed me 1+2+2=5. Well okay my mistake but after looking at them she had answered all but 5 correctly doing it "her way" of those five were problem she would have to carry the one over in the next column, something we have not covered. I almost cried when I realized in those 15 minutes she had answered questions like 11+8+9 and 22+7+8. I know for a fact she would not have even tried let alone got close to any of that if it hadn't been for your programs. So again Thank you so much!

    Our Warmest Wishes to You.

    - Becca, Isabelle, and Gabrielle

  7. I’ve heard you at the FPEA Conv. in FL 2 years now. This year I am using the exercises from your manual, BIT, and the writing 8.

    My son , 10 yrs, suddenly started reading all the passing road signs after about 2 mths of the program. I knew something was clicking! He was a 28 week preemie with Auditory and tracking issues.

    My daughter, 12, has suddenly begun reading so much more and quicker, also. I can see a big difference (she has dyslexia).

    Thank you!!!!

    - Carol Brownell

  8. Prayer for my 16 year old daughter, Hannah Gray, resulted in meeting you about a year ago at a seminar in Albuquerque, NM. I began working with her when we returned to our homeschool. Hannah had always been a prolific reader, but was unable to write even one paragraph on paper without much difficulty. She would "write" poems and stories in her head and would memorize and recite the poem without having ever been able to write it on paper. Computers weren't much better.

    After talking with you, we began writing 8 exercises and did them until May. During the summer, Hannah began writing "fanfiction" on the internet. It was a flood gate opened that had been closed for 16 years. She would get up early, write her story on the computer all day and into the night. She now has completed and published 14 chapters in her story with a word count of upwards of 35,000 words! Reviews have flooded in with her being named as favorite author by many readers, and favorite stories consistently by many more. The positive input this has been in her life is incredible. Hannah has taken ownership of this making sure she has her spelling, grammar, and punctuation is correct. She enlisted the help of a proof reader/editor online to ensure that her work is professional. She has a large reader base and is constantly getting reviews saying "this is the best story yet, write more, write more" and she is.

    This summer we took a creative writing class where she was the star pupil in a class of adults. This year Hannah is enrolled in a program to concurrently earn college credits with her high school credits. We are beginning in a couple of weeks. I would not have believed that possible a year ago, but now it is a reality.

    I am so encouraged by her progress that I would like to help other children in our area (close to the Mexican border) to overcome these glitches in their learning. I have already connected one of my fellow homeschool moms with your material to help her sons. Your program changed our lives and possibly our destinies. Thank you so much. God bless you!

    - Beverly Gray

  9. Thanks again, and yes we have seen much progress so far this year especially in writing. The writing eights are great and so is writing without curriculum. He just finished a two page paper today that he couldn't wait to finish. This is the same boy who I would have to force three sentences (very dry, ones I might add) out of him. He is also using cursive most of the time, he never used it before and his handwriting was that of a second grader (he's in seventh), even OT didn't help. I have been to your conferences and followed your program and I am very pleased. Thank you so much!

    - Trish

  10. 1. Auditory Processing Problems improved tremendously!

    I am amazed, and so grateful, that this program is helping our children so much! My almost-16 year old daughter has just heard her thinking voice for the very first time! She has never before heard words or music in her head and on the last week of the thinking voice auditory brain therapy she was able to hear both!

    2. Dyslexia helped.

    My 12 year-old son was reading at primer level last July when we began the brain integration and right brain phonics and is now reading "Get Set" (2nd grd reader) with hardly any hesitation! (all in 7 months)

    3. Balance and Coordination

    All four of my children report improved balance and coordination. Thanks so much for designing this program and making it so affordable.

    - Sylvia Duke

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